Performance and Repairs

Modifications and Performance Work

Performance work is one of the best aspects of bike building.You can get the power your Harley needs and still keep its reliability. This can range from upgrading cams, head work/porting,to turbo/supercharger applications. These mods can make a much stronger bike – up to over double the horsepower. I love working on bikes whether is an old Harley that someones been wanting to get on the road or tearing into a brand new bike. In house dyno tuning will get the most out of your modifications or help diagnosing problems.

Specialty Repairs

As a fully equipped shop we often take on projects that require custom fabricated parts and inventive solutions. Experience from manufacturing, bike performance work and a lot of diverse projects gives me a base to figure out unique problems.

Custom Parts

In addition to the forks and air filter that we manufacture we also fabricate specialty and one off parts for a variety of motorcycles and clients.While there are some pretty nice off the shelf aftermarket parts available, if you really want that gas tank, fender or even frame to be perfect for your project, it can be hand built to suite your needs. Pretty much anything you can think of can be built, or at the very least we can send you in the right direction.
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Custom Bikes

Building bikes for clients is an interesting process, its a balance between meeting design requirements and still building a bike that suits their riding style. I find that some people think that our Motorcycles are production bikes and they can order up a Nortorious in a single call. We dont have a production line for our Motorcycles but can build commission projects including bikes that are similar to one off bikes that you see in our Collection.

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