Commissioned Custom Motorcycles

The term 'Custom' in the motorcycle industry gets used a little too freely these days... We define it a bit differently than a lot of retail/ production shops. All of our motorcycles are one a kind. We usually build the frame,machine and fabricate the bulk of the components, hand shape tanks, and seamlessly pull everything together to achieve a certain aesthetic or performance goal.

Although all of the motorcycles in our Collection are for sale at the right price, we can typically custom design a bike that better suites a client's riding style and budget while delivering a show quality bike that really performs.

The process starts with a lot of questions. What are your wants and needs ? need a daily rider ? what level of performance ? Do you want more of a show bike? Or do you just want a custom ride with some Goldammer style. It's best if clients start with a rough idea of what they'd like to spend. There are a lot of options when it comes to building a bike and the direction of a project can really change the price. A wide range of prices can still get you an amazing ride.

We can really build a bike to suit a wide array of price ranges and requirements. A basic full custom bike starts around $50,000. The cost of a motorcycle that will be a contender at international shows can cost anywhere from $70,000 and up,parts alone can get crazy expensive. What i don’t like to see is people spending more that their means allows.

It's a fun challenge to build someone else’s vision. If you have any questions about having a custom motorcycle built, send us an email with your thoughts, or details about your project.

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